Thursday, October 17, 2013

Pascal's Triangle

In class we learned something new called Pascal's Triangle. To make the "triangle" you start with a 1 and end with a 1. In the triangle, we have horizontal sums, diagonals, odd and evens, and exponents of 11.


Unit 1 Test Reflection

In the Unit 1 test I did pretty well and got an average grade. I got five questions wrong, because I did silly mistakes. In one of the questions I distributed it wrong and put the wrong -/+ sign. The first part of the test we had to solve for x and I got three questions wrong on that section. I wish I had payed more attention to the questions so that I could have gotten a better grade.
Another question I got wrong was number 14, which was about speed/distance/time question. I had gotten it wrong because I used the wrong formula. If I had studied it better (and memorized the formulas for distance, speed) I would have gotten the question right.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Straight Lines

 Today in class (10/15/2013) Ms. Ange assigned an assignment where we had to draw a collection of straight lines that make up the initial letters of our first and last names on a coordinate grid.

We had to find the x/y interceps and the slope to make the first initials of our first and last names. On the left, these were the equations that I used.
On the first one (x=-13 {0≤y≤14} I found the x-intercept and put it on the sheet. But there was a problem, if I only put x=-13 there would be a straight line going on forever so I had to put in restrictions, which are the "maximum and minimum" of where the points can be on.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Core Value Goals

This year I am going to focus more on four core values. These core values are being inclusive, reflective, responsible, and risk-taker. I am concentrating on the being a inclusive because, I want to be a nicer person and include everyone. I want to be reflective because I don't want to forget what I learned, so I should start reflecting on my work. I also want to be responsible to not forget my stuff. I want to be a risk-taker, because I don't want to be afraid to take risks.
The evidence that I achieved the four core values are my grades.