Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Statistics Project

After our summer break, the first major assignment that Ms. Ange gave us was a statistics project. For this project, we will have to collect data and making a conclusion out of it. Our teacher gave us the option of choosing what we were going to do. We could collect data by doing an experiment or doing a survey. I chose to do an experiment to see if any characteristics (age, gender, teacher/student) make a difference on 'Flappy Bird' highscores.


  1. Why did you choose this as your topic? What will your focus question be? Did you come up with a mindmap to consider other ideas?

  2. What did you chose this as your topic? Did you think about other topics? Make a brainstorm of ideas?

    1. Honestly my friends gave me the Flappy Bird option, and I chose it. I chose it because it would be easier for people to understand. When I go around people asking to help, it could be easier to explain.

  3. I know that you choose to do the Flappy Bird game and have been asking questions such as if you play sports, gender, age, time spent on the cellphone, and what cellphone type you have. How does that affect a person's score in flappy bird? Could you have chosen to do another game?