Saturday, March 1, 2014

Interpretation of Results

For this graph, I separated the people into two groups, the ones who preferred math or english. I did a pie graph, because it is easier to see the percentages of people. From this graph, I discovered that most people discovered it from vines and friends. I believe people discovered it from vines, because they are short videos that people can have easy access to. One possibility for why some people discovered it from friends, is that they might have seen their friends playing.
For this chart, the x-axis were the ages. To understand the chart a very important key would be the key at the top right corner. It tells what color is what. Although the colors are not that visible, you can tell a slight difference. The point of this chart was to see how many people from each age group discovered Flappy Bird through Facebook, Vines, Tumblr or through friends.  Most of the 14 year-olds discovered Flappy Bird through their friends. I think a reason why they found it through friends, is because they might hang out a lot with them, therefore socialize a lot. The people who found the game through friends have most likely watched their friends play Flappy Bird. 
While 14 year-olds have found Flappy Bird through friends, most of the 15 and 16 year-olds have found Flappy Bird through Facebook. I believe that people between ages 15 and 16 spend most of their time on Facebook looking at the newsfeed. 
Younger people (14 year-olds) tend to not see vines too much, although the 18 year-olds tend to watch more vines. I believe older people watch more vines because they are short and easily accessable. 
This graph shows that half of the people I questioned preferred math or english. 



  1. Hi Debora, it looks like you were able to make some solid interpretations from your data. In your first graph, how did you calculate the sizes of each "slice of pie" in the pie graph? Do people connect to Vine through their friends or do they follow strangers? I am just wondering if they find out about Flappy Bird through Vine are they really still finding out about it from friends?

  2. I think It's very interesting how you were able to collect information from many different people, but to help the reader, on your graphs, you could of included the number of people that you questioned and exactly what you asked them.
    I also thought that the fact that exactly half of the people preferred Math and the other half English was very compelling. I was wondering if this information linked to any other of your discoveries?
    It would also be good to add the raw data in which you have a table or list when you were collecting data.